Semestral Programs

Our semester courses represent the heart of what the Macugnaga Monte Rosa School offers.

The format follows a university model and the different modules are presented by experts and university teachers in English, giving the opportunity to students to reach high levels of knowledge and skills in an international environment. The pathway, being fully customizable, respects the principle of flexibility typical of the long life learning approach. The combination of these factors makes the MMRS’s offer unique in the Italian scenario.
Courses based on management are proposed alongside more practical ones, each focused on a single specific section of the hotel facilities.

Our courses involve the following areas of expertise:
– Food and Beverage Management
– Rooms Division Management
– International Hospitality Management

Each course stands alone, lasts 400 hours and can be attended either as a single course or as part of a larger curriculum. It is also possible to include an internship experience which is an optional choice provided the student doesn’t want to obtain the final qualification in which case he/she should have it included as part of his/her curriculum.

The opening of the Food and Beverage Course is planned for October 2009, while Room Division and International Hospitality are scheduled for March 2020 and October 2020 respectively.


The Alternative Certification obtained must be considered a highly qualifying, private one and as the natural conclusion of the rigorous pathway that this institution aims at providing.

A-Degree Certification
It is the qualification released at the end of a complete curriculum, i.e. three courses of the duration of one semester each plus one proved internship experience and the final examination
A-Diploma Certification
It is the qualification released at the end of a single course of one semester
A-Certificate of Attendance
It is the qualification released at the end of each short course