Rooms Division Management Course

Total number of hours: 400
Term: March – July 2020
Application: from 1st March to 31st December 2019
Selection days: from 13th to 17th January 2020

On completion of the course, students will have acquired the necessary solid background to enter the hospitality industry as key managerial figures in welfare and healthcare facilities alike. They will also be competent in job operations concerning the main sections of the field, i.e. reception and concierge services, cash-desk duties, housekeeping, meeting and events planning, spa and wellness activities, as well as in organisational processes and quality control procedures such as safety procedures and hygiene routines, crucial in the customer service industry.
Beside competences in marketing strategies focused on the promotion of the all range of activities concerning accommodation services, they will also acquire the ability to communicate using foreign languages, essential in a career in the hospitality industry.


Module: Rooms Division Operations – Theory and Practice 
Front Office Operations
Housekeeping Operations
Job Safety and Hygiene

Module: Rooms Division Management
Front Office Management
Housekeeping Management
Meeting & Events Management
Spa & Wellness Management

Module: Hotel Sales, Marketing and Revenue
Hotel Sales & Marketing
Revenue Management

Module: Hospitality Communication and Culture II
German language
French language
Economic & Tourism Geography
Anthropology of Hospitality

Hospitality Law

Internship (2-4momths) – optional

Language: English
For those who require it, an Intensive English Language Course will be held prior the beginning of the term (semester).

Access requirements
Diploma di maturità or equivalent, age of majority, selection exam passed.

Job opportunities
Head-department, divisional, managerial or entrepreneurial roles in hotel and non-hotel accommodation companies. Consulting and research studies in a receptive or tourist sector. Planning and management of business start-ups in the hospitality sector. Historical-cultural research in the hospitality sector.


A-Diploma Certification in Rooms Division Management.

A-Degree Certification in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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This programme is meant to be a preview and will be updated in due time.